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Discovery Cycle Professionals is a global network of experienced consultants, academics, and technocrats assembled to provide world-class knowledge-based services globally. DCP has diverse experience across different professional fields and offers a wide-range of multi-disciplinary professional services.

“To be the biggest consulting company in Africa anchored on value creation, integrity and service excellence”.

“Creating, innovating and investing in exceptional solutions for clients and providing great value-addition for all stakeholders”.


Tax, Audit & Technical Services

  • Transactions and Restructuring
  • Tax, Audit and Assurance Services
  • Technology, Innovation & Imagineering
  • Financial and Business Advisory Services
  • Management Consulting

  • Project Management
  • Governance & Reforms
  • Learning & Development
  • Compliance & Regulation
  • People and Change Management
  • Process and Policy Transformation
  • Corporate Strategy & Communications
  • Revenue Optimisation Projects

  • Property Tax Solutions
  • IGR Enhancement Project
  • Customs Revenue Enhancement Project
  • Extractive Industry Revenue Enhancement Project
  • Our Core Competencies

    DCP works with over 700 staff, Consultants, Associates, Virtual Support, Academics, Bureaucrats and Professionals

    Assests recovery
    Fraud Examination
    Forensic Accounting
    Management Consulting
    Revenue System Optimization
    Tax Audit and Technical Services

    Project Portfolio

    In supporting economic development in Nigeria, DCP in collaboration with its international partners, offers purpose built and solution-focused projects for its clients. These projects are uniquely developed and designed with a bi-focal vision of both the present and the future. Some of these customised projects and programmes are:

    Property Tax Solutions:

    Prudent assessment, collection, and accounting for property tax pose significant challenges to both the Tax Authorities and also the Taxable Entities especially in developing countries. DCP delivers end-to-end solutions to its clients for resolving these difficulties.

    Customs Revenue Enhancement Project (CREP)

    Continuous performance improvement in the collection of customs revenue is one of the major sources of funding government activities around the world. DCP provides comprehensive Technical Assistance and Capacity Support for Customs Revenue Enhancement.

    Sustainable Revenue Enhancement Programme (c)

    This project is specifically developed and designed to support Governments at all levels and tiers (National, Sub-national, Local Councils, Municipalities, Tax Authorities, Revenue Generating Agencies or Entities, etc.) to enhance their Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) Portfolios.

    Extractive Industry Revenue Enhancement Project (EIREP)

    Countries depending on extractive revenues especially oil and gas, solid minerals, and mining are faced with the common challenges of revenue loss arising from both visible and non-visible causes. The EIREP is a tool designed to help the extractive sector players/producers manage these recurrent challenges.


    DCP Defense Suite (DDS)

    Today's evolving business climate continues to expose institutions and organisations to new frontiers in both physical and cyber security. DDS provides tailor-made security solutions to identify and eliminate complex threats while preserving the state and operation of critical infrastructure. This is accomplished by a customised application

    DCP Fraud & Forensic Analytics Solution (FFAS)

    DCP's in-depth understanding of forensic accounting and fraud examination provides our clients with easy track and recovery of lost assets. It is a complete suite that x-rays a variety of financial transactions and fraud schemes including the following: Capital Markets Fraud,etc

    DCP Investment Facilitation & Trade Management

    DCP’s customised IFTM assists investors and businesses looking to establish, expand or relocate to Nigeria by providing them with unique local insights from an international perspective Based on our experience and established cooperation with relevant government agencies and key umbrella government organisations (Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) and Nigeria Governors' Forum (NGF)

    DCP Revenue System Optimisation (RSO)

    Sustained revenue growth is critical to any institution's overall performance. As government revenue dwindles and emphasis shifts to self-sustenance, severe pressure due to insufficient allocations has created the need for administrators to systematically review all possible sources of revenue growth. We help our clients increase income by looking inwards to determine and exploit existing and potential sources of revenue.

    DCP e-GES

    DCP's e-Government Enterprise Solutions (e-GES) is a unique tool which provides Government Agencies and Management with real-time revenue figures, process and operations statistics, time details, as well as online intelligence records and office productivity data. It accomplishes this by automating new operations as the resident transaction application while simultaneously interfacing with any existing government transaction applications.

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    DCP has a strong commitment to CSR projects. Our current schemes are:


    Discovery Empowerment Scheme for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC): This is a free Capacity Building and Career Guidance support for serving NYSC members Since the inception, over 900 Corps members have benefit. from this scheme within the last three (3) years .

    DCP-Thinking and Learning Lab

    The DCP-Thinking and learning Lab is a leadership and innovation Platform that brings together young thought lead-ers and change agents, through a volunteering route, to co-create ideas and drive trans-formative business process-es for organizational, national and global growth.


    The DCP Interns,. Is one way to get to know how corporate organization function as a team It will also help you decide if your potential career is night for you It gives you .11 day-to-day Involvement In actual projects, selected to match your interests and abilities

    Careers at DCP

    Discovery Cycle Professionals is recruiting.

    Finance Manager
    23 JULY 2019

    The senior finance officer is responsible for applying accepted accounting principles and procedures to analyze financial information, prepare accurate and timely financial reports...

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    Office Assistant
    16 JUNE 2019

    The Office Assistant/ Cleaner is responsible for the general cleanliness of the entire building and provides administrative, clerical and secretarial support...

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    Intern Techonolgy Innovation Development
    10 JUNE 2019

    The holder of the office will assist in product and service development related to computer communication technology and systems’ automation as well as manage the company branding and all branding materials design and creation.

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